Lightning Blast Hammer
–Tuesday Treasure

Jorda picked up the finely-crafted hammer lying on the pedestal. “Nice balance,” the dwarf commented, hefting it in his hand. A lightning bolt was carved into the fine wooden handle.

Locklar glanced up from looting one of the bodies of the berserkers who had been guarding the pedestal. “Don’t screw around with that thing. Tell Mortigan to check for magic.”

The magic-user, who was busy looting another body, looked up and scowled. “I’ll be there in a minute.” He deftly slipped something into his pocket.

“What was that?” Locklar demanded.

“What was what?” Mortigan asked.

Ignoring them, Jorda fingered the hammer. There was a sizable diamond embedded in the handle near the lightning bolt and he tried to pull it loose.

The sharp clap of thunder burst in the room and a blinding flash of light sizzled across it toward the wall opposite the hammer’s head. It passed between the heads of Locklar and Mortigan, each of whom flung themselves backwards in shock.

A smoking chunk of the wall had been blasted away, leaving a smoking cavity in the stone.

“Yes,” said Mortigan, speaking loudly because of the ringing in his ears. “I have detected some magic in that weapon.”

Lightning Blast Hammer

This warhammer provides no melee bonuses, though it can be used to strike opponents only hit by magic weapons. It has the power, three times per day, of firing a lightning bolt at a target up to 120′ away. A normal to-hit roll with a +1 bonus is required.

The Lightning Blast Hammer contains a maximum of 36 charges. The damage the lighting delivers depends upon the number of charges remaining:

Charges Left Damage
25-36 1d12
19-24 1d10
13-18 1d8
7-12 1d6
1-6 1d4

If the hammer reaches zero charges it loses all magical powers. It can be recharged by casting a shocking grasp spell and then holding it. Each spell restores one charge.

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–Tuesday Treasure

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