Land of the Lost (TV) Intro


I didn’t get many chances to see this as a kid, but I do remember thinking it was pretty exciting at the time.

We watched the first episode last night on Hulu and my kids had a good laugh. It’s got the same old-time charm for me as Ark II and Space Academy.

One thing I noticed is that they refer to “Grumpy” as a “Tyrannosaur.” This is always how I’ve referred to Tyrannosaurs, though I think it was the standard until Jurassic Park started everyone calling them “T-Rex.” Which I’ve always thought was pretty lame.

UPDATE: Fixed the video.

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2 Responses to Land of the Lost (TV) Intro

  1. Seriously, that’ not a parody? I remember watching bits and pieces of LotL but I don’t remember groaning at the (bad)cheeszyness of that intro.

    Thanks for the hulu link, been looking to watch some LotL since it became a bit of a fad to talk about in blogospace.

  2. Jack Colby says:

    It’s not a parody. It’s cheesy, but it was also a pretty good and interesting kid’s show with some great science fiction ideas worked into it. Give it a chance!

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