Labyrinth Minions Record Sheet

I cooked up a simple record sheet to track hirelings and men-at-arms:

Labyrinth Minions Record Sheet - PDF

Labyrinth Minions Record Sheet - PDF

It’s simple and general enough to work with nearly any system. The ‘Notes’ section can, of course, be used to record all sorts of info, including ability scores (if needed for hirelings) and various traits and characteristics. For the latter, I recommend checking out Robert Lionheart’s Random Hireling Generator in Knockspell #1.

If you’re in need of a quick and simple system to determine the number of applicant hirelings, their type, and their armor and weapons, check out Labyrinth Minions.

Also, don’t miss a 4×6 index card take on the Labyrinth Minions system at Dungeons and Digressions. I liked ze bulette’s idea of including the 0-level attack matrix on the sheet so I did the same here.

UPDATE: Now that I’ve posted this, it dawns on me that I wanted to also make a landscape version. I’ve been preferring digest-sized books and landscape sheets lately. I’ll have one up in a day or two.

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  1. bat says:

    Of course I downloaded this excellent sheet immediately. And it will feature into my game. Thank you for making it, squire.

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