Scientists discover deadly secret of Komodo’s bite

SYDNEY (AFP) – The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, has a snake-like venom in its bite which sends victims into shock and stops their blood from clotting, according to Australian research.

It had been widely believed that deadly bacteria in the carnivorous lizard’s mouth helped kill its prey.

But magnetic resonance imagery has for the first time uncovered venom glands containing a shock-inducing poison which increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure, scientists say.

The venom also keeps blood from clotting. Amazing that they’ve been so wrong for so long about this. My guess is that the bites are bacteria-filled, it’s just that the venom, not the bacteria, does the damage.

So is this guy more dangerous or less dangerous?

An Antediluvian Horror Has Risen From The Sea <br /><em>But fear not! It's bite isn't bacterial!</em>

An Antediluvian Horror Has Risen From The Sea
But fear not! It's bite isn't nearly so bacterial!

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