Kilgore’s B/X Reference Sheets

I’ve been using restaurant menu holders for a while now to make custom screens and references, and now that I’m starting up some online games I have re-worked them slightly so I have a handy 4-pager that I can keep ready on the desk as we run:

Front page (menu closed, left image) for combat encounters. Middle pages (menu open, middle image) for weapons and equipment, particularly useful during character generation. I’ve used these two pages for a long time now, already. Back page (menu closed, right image) for other common character and adventure-related items.

I’ve got my weapons tweaks in there and am listing THAC0 instead of a “to-hit” matrix, but it’s B/X all the way. Seems that this should cut down on rule book look-ups by a huge amount. Not that it’s ever really much of a problem in B/X anyway.

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