Kilgore’s B/X

Due to popular demand, Kilgore is launching a new D&D game. Since I’ve come to the realization that the 1981 Basic/Expert version is possibly the best single version of the game ever published, that is the ruleset we’ll be using. There will be a number of houserules applied to tweak it a bit, but we’re going to try to keep as close to BTB as we can in most respects.

One of the BTB things we will be using is the magic-user’s spellbook as actually described in the rules. This is a controversial topic of much discussion over the years, and I’m going to make a few minor tweaks to get it to where I think we’ll enjoy it the most, but those used to the standard method of known spells may be surprised that B/X, as written, departs from all the other oldschool editions. I will have a detailed post in the near future explaining our implementation.

One of the largest houserules in Kilgore’s B/X (KBX) is that player characters shall be human-only. This means–at least initially–a four-class game. But I believe that Fighter+Cleric+Magic-User+Thief will give us everything we need. If not, I’m willing to consider some additional classes. But they’ll all be human. Elves in this game are not like elves in other games.

Another big change will be to the cleric class. Though mechanically not altered too terribly much, I am modifying it to be closer to the mystic warrior I’ve always envisioned it to be. A post detailing my changed to the cleric class will be coming soon.

Hopefully, Kilgore’s B/X will be a little pulpier while remaining fairly true to the high-fantasy B/X ideal. A proto-KBX campaign which has been in stasis for a couple of years may possibly be the beneficiary of a raise dead spell, too. Many of the changes I’m going to be implementing here were introduced and trialled there, and working on this has brought that back from death’s door. I’m excited for an opportunity to try again and especially to introduce the game to some who have never played it before.

Adventure is our goal and fun is how we earn our XP.

UPDATE: I should also mention that the Trav81 Traveller game I’ve been working on is not dead or even shelved. The push for D&D simply moved it down a rung on the ladder. It’s still in the works and is close to launching. Just skimming a gas giant for a little fuel at the moment.

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