Kilgore Quarantine

Not sick, but like what seems most of the US, I’m working from home and not going out in order to reduce the number of wandering monster checks.
Passing the time by cramming the self-learning on I’ve been a member since 2015 but never done anything with it. These events are maybe the kick that I need to make it happen.

I’m working on putting together a little test game to try it out with my daughter (our regular B/X game has been hit-or-miss recently and this plague has obviously made it worse. Not sure what I’ll like, but my initial take is a classic blue map sheet with circular counters like the ones I use on the tabletop. I am enjoying the dynamic lighting on Roll20 because I’ve always struggled with getting the oppressive feeling the dark dungeon across.

Exploring a blue map dungeon. A large statue at the edge of the torch light.
After checking out the statue. Another room with a door. 5′ squares.

One thing I haven’t worked on much so far are Roll20’s character sheets. Seems like there’s a lot of good stuff that could be done there but it looks like the learning curve is significant. My initial games will roll without them.

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