Kids’ First PC Deaths

Well, last night both of my kids suffered their first-ever PC KIAs in a session of Labyrinth Lord. The party cleric NPC had been poisoned to sickness by giant centipedes in the labyrinth they were exploring, and they elected to camp outside the entrance for several days while she recovered. One night’s random encounter brought three Throghrin (Thouls). If you’re not familiar with these monsters, they are some sort of hobgoblin-troll-ghoul hybrid. They have trolls’ regenerative ability and the paralyzing touch of ghouls.

The latter, predictably, is what did the party in. The monsters surprised my son’s elf who was on watch and knocked him out cold before the others could join the fight. The rest put up a valiant fight, but it’s hard to overcome tough odds when you roll badly, and boy oh boy did they roll badly. Only the flight of an elf henchman prevented it from being a total party kill.

Both were bummed, but my son immediately reminded me that his other character, a 4th-level thief, was ready for more action and my daughter had recently rolled up a new character who she’s been hoping to play. Gotta say they both dealt with their first PC loss better than I did back in the early 80s.

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