KAOSE Reigns

Though the posting here has been zip, my D&D games are still zipping along pretty well. Kilgore is currently:

  1. Dungeon mastering an oldschool B/X campaign online which has more than 30 sessions in the past 11 months. This is a 1-player game with my son and it’s some of the best D&D I’ve played since the 1980s. We have both wanted to run this cleric-centric campaign for about a decade, and though we should have started it in 2012 instead of 2020, it is as awesome as I’d hoped it would be.
  2. Dungeon mastering a 5e game that recently shifted from B/X after ~20 sessions…sometimes this game is online and sometimes it’s in person. This is my longest-running campaign, but play is sporadic.
  3. Dungeon mastering an online 5e game through the Essentials Kit module Dragon of Icespire Peak. This game includes my nephew, who seems to be starting to really get into it. It also includes my brother, who the majority of my gaming in the 80s and early 90s included.
  4. Dungeon mastering a different 5e group in-person through Dragon of Icespire Peak. This game has had the most roleplay and the most laughable moments of any game I’ve run in a long, long time.
  5. Playing in a monthly in-person 5e game. This is exciting for me and I’d forgotten how easy it is to be a player when you’re not DMing. I do struggle a bit when rules and rulings don’t go the way I think they should, but I’m working hard to bite my tongue when that happens.
  6. Playing in a roughly-monthly online 5e game. I’m playing a bard in this one. I’ve literally never played a bard before in my life. Again, despite my love for DMing, it’s fun “prepping” for a session by making sure you have your character sheet…Yep, there it is. I’m ready. My brother is also in this game, and it’s the first time we’ve both been players in the same game since the mid-80s.

Last week, I was informally invited to join another 5e game as a player, though I’m waiting to see what really happens there. The DM of that game also expressed interest in me running a 5e game for him and some friends who have never played before. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, and even if it does there’s no telling whether it’s a one-shot intro or the start of something more. Either way, it’s turning into more D&D than Kilgore can shake a +2 sword at.

In the past year I’ve played more D&D than I’d played in the previous ten years, probably. In addition to all of the actual playing, I’ve spent a ton of time preparing to run the games I’m DMing and spending a ton of time learning 5e, including a lot of solo practice encounters which have turned out to be a lot more fun than I’d have expected.

Personally, despite 5 of my 6 current games being 5e and me enjoying the heck out of it, I’m STILL not totally sold on the system in general. In Kilgore’s opinion, it’s SO CLOSE in most ways but really misses the boat in a few others, and despite rather significant investments of time and money into it, I’m curious to see what the long term will bring.

Meanwhile, I’ve made some adjustments to my (only) oldschool game, namely a shift from the 1981 B/X rules to the Old-School Essentials rules. Since OSE is an almost perfect replica of B/X, that’s obviously not much of a leap. But the arrival of the complete Advanced Fantasy rules has convinced me to take the current lull in oldschool games to take the much bigger leap to “Advanced” play with race plus class. Honestly, I have grown tired of tinkering with things to create the game I want and have decided to officially switch to pretty-BTB Advanced OSE using separate race and class. I am jettisoning a lot of house rules but keeping a few. Once we have them more formalized I will post more about them.

I’ve come to start calling my oldschool game Kilgore’s Advanced Old-School Essentials, or KAOSE (pronounced kay-oss).

Oh, stop looking at me like that. Just let me have my fun.

The only thing that’s really missing is Traveller. I haven’t played any Traveller in over a year now, and though I’m looking at getting an online game set up, it’s definitely taking a back seat to all the D&D. Hopefully, I can put something together soon and get it off the ground.

EDIT: I should also add that something else I’ve wanted to play a bit of is the 1st edition DC Heroes. I always found that game to be a TON of fun, but other than a few sessions with my son when he was young, I haven’t played since the 1980s. I wouldn’t mind giving it a bit of a go if the opportunity came up.

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