Is it really empty on 1–12 ?

I’ve never really cared for the fact that AD&D figures that 60% of dungeon rooms are empty, at least according to Appendix A: Random Dungeon Generation (DMG, pg 170-172). Sure, I could make my own table or use the percentages from B/X (my personal favorite), but I’m trying to play a mostly-BTB 1e game, and that means only using house rules or rules from other editions only when absolutely necessary.

So it dawned upon me tonight while rolling up some room contents that if the result “1-12 Empty” is re-rolled when it comes up and the second roll it kept, it comes out to about what I desire.

Here is how Table V. F.: Chamber or Room Contents (DMG, pg 171) looks:

DMG Chamber or Room Contents

This has roughly the same number of empty rooms as those populated with monsters (36% vs. 40%). Seems about right to me and I didn’t have to mess with anything. Plus, it knocks down the number of traps, which is just fine with me.

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