In-Person Old-School

Forgot to mention that I recently got in my first in-person B/X game for over a year. It was also the first time I’d gamed in-person with my son since about 2015. So it was great.

Also the first time my son had encountered RUST MONSTERS, and there were some disappointments about the results.

For the record, I rule that a +1 weapon that rusts becomes a +0 but still magical weapon. Though it’s reduced in effectiveness, some enchantment remains and it is still capable of hitting monsters that can only be hit by magic.

Over the past year I’ve become used to some of the features of online play and definitely see a lot of advantages to virtual tabletops. Still, sitting around a table and rolling real dice is the best way to play.

I am thinking about ways to combine in-person play with VTTs to get the best of both worlds, both for old- and new-school. I might have a chance this weekend to try out a few things and will report on my results if it happens.

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  1. Jojodogboy says:

    I’ve been using PowerPoint presentations, an online database, music and sound effect sites, etc. On my laptop attached to a TV or large monitor for my in person for years.

    It really adds to the game. I especially like the gasp from my players when I show them a monster for the first time. They also seem to enjoy flexing their knowledge when a new player sees a picture do the first time and they can say, oh thats a ghoul.

    The internet makes it pretty easy to find an image that fits my vision, although there just aren’t enough pig faced orcs for me.

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