“I am your density!”

Saw a post over on Dragonsfoot about the old TSR dungeon geomorph set, and I responded that I was actually using some of them right now. However, rather than cobbling the geomorphs together as originally intended, I’m currently just using bits and pieces for a number of smaller dungeons. It’s just so quick and easy, and the idea that my adventurers are treading the same halls as legions of characters from days past is kinda cool, too.

In my comment on DF, I noted that one of the reasons I’ve never actually used the geomorphs to create a larger dungeon is that the rooms and corridors are packed too closely together for my tastes. And while I was writing that I was suddenly reminded of an old post from the blog on this very subject: Dungeon Density. It included a sample map using the old geomorphs that I whipped up but never actually used for anything:

Sepia Dungeon from Geomorphs

Definitely a number of issues with it in addition to excessive room density, but it has potential.

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