Geomorphs, Monsters, and Treasure

Interestingly, Grognardia and Delta’s D&D Hotspot each posted today on items that I’m planning to use (together) in the very near future: The Dungeon Geomorphs and the Monster & Treasure Assortment. I had wanted to use them last month for the AD&D game with my brother and son, but for various reasons it didn’t work out. So now I’m looking at a few options to give these things a whirl, and I can’t think of a better way than to use them together.

A few months back in a post on dungeon density I tossed up an example map I created using the geomorphs:

My plan is to put together a dungeon (maybe two or three levels) using the geomorphs and stock it straight from the Monster & Treasure Assortment. Hopefully, not only will this be a lot of fun to play through but it will give a little insight into how the game was expected to be played back in the day.

If you haven’t checked out the posts at Grognardia and Delta’s, I encourage you to go do so.

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