Lord of the Green Dragon:

I personally believe 4E is the first Fantasy Role Scripting Game (FRSG). Given this reclassification, it fits into the established product line of Dungeons and Dragons in the same way that movies also belong to it.

My first reaction upon reading this, of course, was to laugh out loud. That’s pure genius right there, and the fact that it’s true makes it no less humorous. That’s the sort of thing that sometimes makes me say “That’s so funny I nearly blew milk out my nose! And I’m not even drinking milk!

As you get into the post though, you see that this satirical beginning does not lead directly into a flamestrike on 4E or new-school gamers. It’s merely an observation about how the new game is different than the old, different in such a fundamental game that it’s really a different game.

And really, isn’t that what all the old-schoolers really believe? I know that I don’t certainly think that 3.0 or 3.5 or 4E are wrong or even bad even though they are not right for my personal sensibilities. Most old-schoolers seem to think that the new versions are just a completely different game that happens to take its name and use some of the window dressing from the earlier versions. They (and I) don’t really care for this new, different game, so they keep playing the one they love.

Though I detest the newer versions of the game, and even Second Edition crossed some line for me, I don’t detest the players of those games or the fact that the games exist. I mere don’t want to play them, and I don’t want to play with those who insist on playing them.

Flame wars and holier-than-thou shouting matches aren’t at all necessary, and outright attacks with imagined +5 Holy Avengers on some kids who actually enjoy roll-playing, railroad plots, and two-hour battles against six goblins and a bugbear is not going to please [insert your Paladin’s LG deity here] at all.

(Although unarmed combat might be useful at times. Just don’t make me use the 1E pummeling, grappling, or overbearing rules.)

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