Forbidden City Sandbox Region Map

There are a lot of things I’m not good at, but for this post I’ll limit myself to talking about my lack of artistic ability. Or is it lack of skill as a cartographer? Either way, whatever is needed to create decent wilderness maps for role-playing, I don’t have it.

That being said, here’s the rough region map for the Forbidden City Sandbox campaign I’m putting together for Swords & Wizardry White Box:

The Forbidden City is somewhere in this region

The Forbidden City is somewhere in this region

This is a 6.25 miles per hex region map for my reference while creating background and putting together the area surrounding the Dwellers of the Forbidden City. Besides water, the terrain consists of trees (mostly heavy jungle), grasslands, and barren. Hills and mountains are common, and the dark lines are the major rivers of the region.

The area is uncivilized, though in the lands west of the mountains native tribes, hunters, and traders are relatively common. People rarely venture beyond the mountains, and those that do rarely return. The few survivors are often mad, sick, or both. Their fevered tales are filled with savage tribes of cannibals, overgrown ruins from an ancient age, and terrifying gigantic lizards.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I used the Campaign Runner Tactical Map from for this.

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