Four Hexes

As I’m working on my campaign mapping project, I’ve been trying to work out exactly how I’m going to do things. My original intent had been for my main area map to have 6.25 mile hexes, which would allow quarter-mile sub-hexes 25 across. After working on things a bit, I decided that this level of detail was too fine and I’ve since upped my base hex size to seven miles. This is actually what I had in mind when I drew up my original region map, so some of the river distances are back to where I originally envisioned them.

Anyway, I decided to cook up a quick 7 sub-hex quad to drill down one level. Once I got something I thought was decent, it was easy enough to turn a blank one into a PDF, so here it is:

7 Sub-Hex Quad - PDF

7 Sub-Hex Quad - PDF

Check it out and let me know if you’ve got any suggestions for improvements.

I expect that I’ll have more stuff up in the near future, so I’ve opened up a free download page for my Kilgore Kreations.

UPDATE: I tweaked it a bit to match some other uploads on the Kreation page, including a standard 16×20 hex sheet and a sheet with outlines for quads.

Feedback is welcome.

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