Forbidden Jungle Map

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been playing with Inkscape a bit in hopes of putting together a decent wilderness map for my Forbidden Jungle sandbox campaign. Though not a work of art, I think this is not half bad:

Forbidden Jungle: Click for a full-sized PDF

Forbidden Jungle: Click for a full-sized PDF

Can you say “green hell”?

The red star beside the river near the center of the map is the trading post where the PCs will start. That point on the river is the farthest foothold that civilization had been able to establish in the region, and that foothold is tenuous at best.

The green mountains and hills are jungle-covered. The brown mountains and hills are some sort of a horseshoe-shaped plateau that is above the canopy and relatively tree-free. I’m not exactly sure how to show that yet. I’ll continue working on this as things develop but it’s probably as nice of a wilderness map as I’ve ever made.

UPDATE: Updated version is HERE.

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  1. bat says:

    That map looks pretty good. Rather depressing if you are the players realizing that the red star is the “You are here” point. I would love to hand a map like this to my players and see the looks on their faces. Well done!

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