Forbidden Jungle

Given that my Forbidden City Sandbox is really a whole lot more than Dwellers of the Forbidden City, I’ve decided to call it “Forbidden Jungle” to better reflect exactly what it’s all about.

What is it all about? Well, this is my 25 Words on it:

Swords & sorcery in a cursed city of demonic snakemen and mongrel humanoids surrounded by trackless jungle filled with savage tribesmen, giant apes, and dinosaurs.

The Forbidden City is a huge part of the setting, but it’s hardly the only significant part. In some ways, it’s an above-surface mega-dungeon. But there are going to be other mega-dungeons in the region, and other adventures to be found.

Now that I’ve got a rough (very rough) region map outlined, I’m working on the map of the area surrounding the PC’s starting point, a fortified trading post town on the extreme edge of explored territory. The inhabitants of the town trade with the hunters, trappers, and prospectors who have recently come to the region as well as with the tribes of savage natives who inhabit the trackless territory.

It is from here that the PCs will embark upon adventure that will, all too likely, end quite badly for many of them.

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