Five Color Magic Text Doc

It occurred to me that nearly everyone who wants to give Five Color Magic a try in their own game will want to tweak it a bit. So I uploaded a .doc version of the lists for you to mess with:

Click here to download Five Color Magic in .doc format

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5 Responses to Five Color Magic Text Doc

  1. TimmyD says:

    I prepared a quick summary of the “official” ideas and domains/spheres related to the five colors of magic.

    It may further inform and change some of your spell decisions.

    • Kilgore says:

      That’s a great summary. I had pulled something similar from Wikipedia to reference when doing my original slotting, but I wish I had had this instead.

      One thing I want to repeat, though, is that I am NOT trying to copy Magic: The Gathering exactly (or even all that closely.) What I’m trying to do is build five equally-playable wizard classes to replace the four current spellcaster classes. I’m loosely using the colors of MtG as a starting point because they’re logical, familiar, and work pretty nicely with the D&D spell list, but the goal is not to re-create MtG in D&D.

      In fact, one of my personal goals is to NOT recreate MtG in D&D.

      • TimmyD says:

        I hear you loud and clear on not trying to recreate MtG in D&D (I think that WotC is doing a good job of that on their own).

        In preparing that reference, I was just trying to highlight some alternative “outlooks” for spells based on the colors. Ideas like Green being the source of “reality” (i.e. dispelling illusions), White being a source of Light, Red being a source of Haste, etc.

        I think that some spells fit into multiple colors (e.g. Comprehend Languages in Blue + White). But perhaps more evocative names could differentiate them.

        I’m fascinated by this idea, and I think it’s a great jumping point.

        • Kilgore says:

          I hear you loud and clear on not trying to recreate MtG in D&D (I think that WotC is doing a good job of that on their own).

          FWIW, I don’t think Magic: The Roleplaying Game would be a necessarily bad idea. It’s just that it’s sad to see one thing that a lot of us love shoehorned to fit into another model.

          As for what I think an oldchool D&D game that used MtG as a “jumping point” would look like, watch this blog. My son is ON FIRE with this idea and we are putting our homebrew game on hold to build a quick-n-easy Wizards & Warriors homebrew. Two parts MtG, two parts AD&D, two parts basic D&D, two parts original (pre-supplement) D&D. Mix, bake, and play.

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