Fiery Mantle
–Thursday Thaumaturgy

The assassin pulled a wicked-looking curved dagger from his belt, leering menacingly at Delsa. “Come here, sweetie,” he said. “Nowhere to run, is there?”

Delsa tried the other door, but it was locked. Turning back, she saw the assassin was taking his time. Toying with her.

“Easiest ten gold I ever earned,” he said. “Maybe a little fun before the end?”

Delsa pulled her own dagger. It was small and plain compared to that of the approaching man. He glanced at it and laughed.

Delsa muttered a few words of sorcery. The man cocked his head, trying to understand, but he jumped back when she was suddenly cloaked in bright burning flames. She and her possessions were unharmed, but the heat from the fire was intense.

“You didn’t demand enough gold for this job,” Delsa said…

Fiery Mantle

Spell Level: M2
Range: 0
Duration: 1 minute per level

This spell surrounds the caster with a cloak of flame, granting a -2 bonus to armor class. Additionally, any melee attacks against caster with weapons shorter than a spear, whether they hit or not, require the attacker to save vs. spells or suffer 1d4 hit points of damage.

The caster, his clothing, and his possessions are unaffected in any way, but the flames are otherwise normal, radiating intense heat and likely to light other objects on fire.

Game masters should keep in mind that the fiery mantle will affect friends as well as foes. And casting it in a place like a hay loft or wooden building is probably unwise.

Another possible effect of the spell would be to grant immunity to heat- or fire-based attacks, the main benefit of which would probably be that the caster would be unharmed by fires his or her fiery mantle started around him or her.

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5 Responses to Fiery Mantle
–Thursday Thaumaturgy

  1. Mike D. says:

    Very cool spell. Love the intro as well.

  2. Timeshadows says:

    I like it.
    –It would be nice if it were 3rd and the d4 of fire damage scaled, but I’ll use it as is. 🙂

  3. MoonSylver says:

    Very cool. I could even see non-magical weapons having to make a save or they melt? (might be too much though…but it is a fun thought!)

  4. bat says:

    Slick, Lord Kilgore, you are back in form after the Astral trip. Excellent post!

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