Failed Save vs. Slow Spell

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past few days. The real world intrudes yet again.

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6 Responses to Failed Save vs. Slow Spell

  1. JB says:

    The real world is nice. Good things happen in the real world (like writing and publishing and playing of RPGs…not to mention family and friends and communities…oh, and money! Don’t forget that!)

    : )

  2. Timeshadows says:

    I hope everything is going well.

  3. bat says:

    Hang in there, Lord Kilgore. Your posts are missed. I even had to buy last Sunday’s newspaper to see what was happening with the giant monitor lizard, but saw it was a bit of running with the egg.

    • Kilgore says:

      Yeah, I was actually going to quick scan that in and post a bit of it, but it was rather dull. Not even an image of the lizard at all. Should have mentioned something, though, so as to not leave all the dedicated Prince Valiant/Giant Komodo fans hanging.

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