Eyes of the Serpent God

I’d like to announce the publication of the first story in the Ruins of Atlantis series: Eyes of the Serpent God.

Eyes of the Serpent God (Ruins of Atlantis #1) by Lord Kilgore

Eyes of the Serpent God
(Ruins of Atlantis #1)
by Lord Kilgore

I’m taking the beginnings of what I’d originally intended as a sandbox gaming environment and using it as the setting for a series of novellas. Though the mystery of Atlantis will be part of the framework that the stories are built upon, these are going to be very much “oldschool gaming” in flavor, with more than a touch of old sword and sorcery and an ever-shifting cast of characters exploring the place in search of wealth, glory, and adventure.

No “ultimate battle of good versus evil for the fate of the world” here.

My goal is to follow various adventurers as they delve into the ruins on the island and slowly uncover the truth behind the legend of the lost civilization. This first story a tells a little bit about the setting and introduces some of the characters and groups that will play roles in future chapters.

It is 28,000 words (120 printed pages) and available in eBook and print:

There will be additional options in the future, but it takes time to filter through the various systems. I will update this post as more channels open.

Free samples can be downloaded from both Amazon and Smashwords. If you don’t have an eReader, you can get free ones online such as the Kindle Reading Apps.

If anyone checks this out, I’d sure love some feedback. And reviews on Amazon and/or Smashwords would be greatly appreciated. Even a quick honest one will help a LOT.

NOTE: I will send electronic copies to bloggers and others who would be willing to do a review on their site or publication. Please email me at at kilgore -at- lordkilgore -dot- com.

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