Explosive Runes

Old School Emphasis: Character vs. Adventure
A “Rosetta Dungeon”?

One time at D&D camp…
Are you kidding me? There was a Dungeons & Dragons summer camp?

Giant statues reveal red hat secrets
Archaeologists think they’ve discovered the source of the red hats on the Easter Island statues.

Interview: Ed Greenwood (Part I)
Retrospective: Forgotten Realms Campaign Set
The 1e Forgotten Realms and the first few supplements were, overall, quite good and very intriguing. I bought the boxed set and a few of the supplements, though I never actually played them. I still have them, and briefly considered using them as the setting for my Labyrinth Lord campaign. I think a lot of baggage comes with FR, though, and I passed.

Relzar’s Animated Rope
Manipulate rope. Cool.

Blank Wilderlands Map
Another setting which I considered for LL but decided against. Nice map, though.

Old School Armor Class Systems Comparison (Tables)
A look at things across various systems. A result of the Labyrinth Lord change of leather armor to AC8 from AC7.

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