Explosive Runes

Old School Emphasis: Character vs. Adventure
A “Rosetta Dungeon”?

One time at D&D camp…
Are you kidding me? There was a Dungeons & Dragons summer camp?

Giant statues reveal red hat secrets
Archaeologists think they’ve discovered the source of the red hats on the Easter Island statues.

Interview: Ed Greenwood (Part I)
Retrospective: Forgotten Realms Campaign Set
The 1e Forgotten Realms and the first few supplements were, overall, quite good and very intriguing. I bought the boxed set and a few of the supplements, though I never actually played them. I still have them, and briefly considered using them as the setting for my Labyrinth Lord campaign. I think a lot of baggage comes with FR, though, and I passed.

Relzar’s Animated Rope
Manipulate rope. Cool.

Blank Wilderlands Map
Another setting which I considered for LL but decided against. Nice map, though.

Old School Armor Class Systems Comparison (Tables)
A look at things across various systems. A result of the Labyrinth Lord change of leather armor to AC8 from AC7.

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3 Responses to Explosive Runes

  1. bat says:

    Thank you for the link!
    The philosophy behind the spell (which is about five minutes worth of philosphy at that) is that Animate Object is too broad of a spell for something like rope. I went out on a limb to see what I could jam into that paragraph describing the spell and I believe that there are more applications, but that is up to the player and the person running the game, that is the beauty of the openendedness of the OSR style of gaming.

  2. ze bulette says:

    Funny, I’ve been tossing around FR as a setting for LL myself, esp. after seeing BadMike’s post on it at http://tinyurl.com/mdg2hp … I dropped out of D&D gaming shortly before FH really caught on, and have actually yet to read any of the books, so for me it’s actually fresh and baggage-less, though I’m not sure what my prospective players might bring.

    • Kilgore says:

      have actually yet to read any of the books, so for me it’s actually fresh and baggage-less

      This is the case for me, as well.

      though I’m not sure what my prospective players might bring.

      That’s something that I worried a bit about. Since I know next to nothing about the setting, I could easily do it my way and have a good chance to cook up something interesting. But a player who’s read all 432 novels and has played in the setting since 1991 through 52 modules and DMed for a few years using 7 different boxed sets and splat books might be difficult to integrate.

      Not that this would be a show-stopper. And it might even be fun for the “expert” if he had a good attitude about things. But there would be this constant “well, in the REAL Forgotten Realms the mayor of this city isn’t in league with the thieves guild at all” feeling.

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