Explosive Runes

Tech Levels for Fantasy Sandbox Settings
I’ve simply ruled various arms, armor, or equipments was “unavailable” before in certain campaigns or certain areas, but using a Traveller-esque TL system could be a good way to address that.

Swashbucklers of Mars – 1 page Pulp Sci-Fantasy
I can rescue the Martian princess in one page or less…

D&D in Spielberg’s 1982 “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” movie
Video clip of the scene. I’m not sure if I realized they were playing Dungeons & Dragons when we saw this when it came out.

House Rule: Energy Drain
I’ve never been a huge fan of energy drain attacks. Though I’m not sure Save vs. Poison’s idea is exactly what Kilgore’s looking for, it provides some great food for thought.

Sage Tree
Because you can never have enough talking trees. I like this approach.

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