Explosive Runes

Perilous Mazes has been shelved
The Holmes clone won’t be published. I never played Holmes and didn’t have much more than a passing interest in this particular clone, but I’m sure that a number of players will be disappointed. Greyharp’s reasoning makes sense, though.

Lost Minis Wiki
Sorted photos of figures from the good old days. Many photos are still needed, so sign up and contribute if you can.

Willem Dafoe Joining Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars
He’ll play Tars Tarkas. Shooting begins next year.

Wizards and Swordry
Save vs. Poison writes about weapons and armor for magic-users. I am at a loss about what to do about this, myself. I had planned to allow any class any weapon in S&W White Box, but now that I’m probably going all Labyrinth Lord all the time, I’m not sure where I stand.

He Wants to Hold Your Hand, Hand, Hand, Hand…
The, um, Octopus class for PCs.

Sandbox Accessories – Empire Ruins
Roads, bridges, watchtowers, and other remains of an earlier age. Personally, I’ve always thought Hadrian’s Wall was about as cool as it got.

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