Explosive Runes

The Doom of RPGs: The Rambling
James Mishler on why no one will be able to make money publishing for the RPG industry. Does this mean Kilgore should shelve his plans to get a few things into print? I haven’t read parts II or III yet, though.

Gaming Room
Very amazing room, though it looks to be better for showing off a collection than for actual gaming.

Women who have been tortured to death by priests and are not immediately cremated may ‘return’ as Painmistresses. Also very usable for Ruins & Ronin.

Announcing the Swords & Wizardry Quick Start module
I’ve always though that quick starts made the most sense as intros to heavy games, sort of a test-drive opportunity. That said, this looks to be a pretty good product.

Table of Random City Events
I love tables of random events for cities.

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