Explosive Runes – 29 May 2009

Giant Monster Arm
Giant Monster Arms appear as arms only. No one has ever seen the body to which one is attached.

Typewritten Character Sheets
AD&D sheets that scream old-school like few others.

Octopus Wednesdays #1
By numbering this entry ‘#1,’ Zulgyan serves notice that there will be followup octo-posting.

Six Traveller Campaign and Adventure Ideas
I would love to get a Traveller game going. But who has the time?

The Discreet Charm of City Ruins
Don’t think that this Michigan resident is not laughing at Detroit being mentioned in an article with this title.

Want to Play a Mouse with a Sword?
I wouldn’t mind checking out the Mouse Guard RPG, to be honest. I could even swallow the $35 price tag to do so if I really felt like it. But even if someone gave me a free copy, where on earth would I get the time to go through 320 pages?

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