Explosive Runes – 24 Apr 2009

Dungeon Delve WTF
Sounds like WotC discovered that loads of 4e players dig old school playing, so they capitalized by making…something else.

The Real Problem With Players Controlling “Story”
Being able to ensure, due to mechanics as much as due to whineyness, that your character will never lose is an incredibly boring predicament to find yourself in.

Retrospective: Gamma World
I’ve not played Gamma World, but have long been intrigued by the concept. At some point I’d like to try to get a Mutant Future game going.

Good news on The Hobbit front: “Sequel” idea nixed
Thank Gimli son of Gloin!

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  1. Tommi says:

    Alexandrian has a point. Pundit is attacking strawmen (as usual).

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