Explosive Runes – 22 May 2009

The Folly of “Realistic” Rules
Remember: GAME, not SIMULATION.

A Different Perspective: Changing the dynamic with a different metaphor
I’ve been wondering about incorporating playing cards into my games a bit more. (One thing that jumps immediately to mind is the NPC motivation system from the original Twilight:2000…) But this article takes the idea to a whole nother level.

Divine D12 Hair Stick
Very nice.

Retrospective: Player Character Record Sheets
These AD&D character sheets remain my favorites of all time. I still have one copy of each in pristine condition.

Another Look at Ability Scores
There’s a lot here to like.

The Joy of Six
Not sure if this blog post started me thinking about using only d20s and d6s in my White Box game or not, but it’s worth a read.

Conjure Vermin
Because sometimes d100 rats is exactly what the situation calls for.

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  1. bat says:

    It is always an honor to make Explosive Runes, especially next to these great posts.

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