Explosive Runes

First of all, I’m tardy in congratulating Mythmere Games for winning the Lulu competition for the month of May. Knockspell #2 and the Monster Book were a wicked one-two punch.

Also, Swords & Wizardy will soon be making a Major Announcement. I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit leery of where this could lead, but it’s a well-deserved boost for a great system.

Life with Lulu: Jeff Reints shares some of his experiences publishing on Lulu. Kilgore is thinking of getting a few things out there in the near future, and this is invaluable info.

Tavern: Gaming’s Most Tired Cliche: The local alehouse isn’t the only place to gather information or “look for adventures.” Also see: You All Meet in a Tavern…

The 1981 TSR Catalog: I think I might have one of these in a box somewhere, but it sure was fun looking through the catalog of how things were. The thing that I enjoyed the most was seeing that the entire line of AD&D core rulebooks consisted of four (count ’em!) volumes.

Trollsmyth writes about Learning to Play. I taught myself to play RPGs using Traveller, and was taught D&D specifically by a guy who played it in college. It really is amazing how many different paths can be taken after that initial introduction to the world of gaming.

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