Explosive Runes!

Huntsmen of Annuvin & Cauldron Born
I’m a big fan of Prydain. Here are some write-ups from old White Dwarf and Dragon magazines.

Spell Point Systems
I’ve considered trying to run a magic-users themed campaign and using something along the lines of this customized casting scheme. Seems like it would be fun.

d6 Based Thief.. er, Specialist Skills
Raggi is looking at d6 thievery for his upcoming Weird Fantasy RPG. It looks similar to my own White Box Thievery except that he’s allowing players to choose which skills to increase when leveling up rather than specifying. That’s a great idea.

Dice Mechanics
Multi-part rundown and comparison of various methods of dicing in RPGs. Very informative.

James Games
Adventures in Gaming has closed its doors, but James Mishler has started a new game blog.

Village in Ukraine
Real place. Real creepy place.

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