Explosive Runes!

THE OCD Dungeon Doors Legend
More info on dungeon doors than you should rightfully be able to expect on a map.

After school, students morph into druids and dwarfs
A Washington Post article on D&D after school.

Harry Potter Redesign
If HP books with these covers were published, I would buy the entire series again.

Holmes YX
Sickly Purple Death Ray cooked up a Holmes expansion with lots of “plus.” Weird gods, spaceships, and radiation. Unfortunately, he’s not going to release this “walking copyright violation.”

D&D: A Cautionary Tale
A great thread over at RPG.net about the anti-D&D hysteria back in the day. I had my own tussles with this, as (I’m sure) did many readers.

Parity in Demihuman Races
I’ve never been much of a fan of the OD&D elf who is a fighting-man one day and a magic-user the next, but if you’re going to do it, don’t limit it to elves. Let dwarves and hobbits in on the fun.

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  1. JDjarvis says:

    Most people wouldn’t believe this but, I actually left a few things off the OCD Dungeon Doors Legend.

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