Explosive Runes!

Parlez-vous Glantrian?: Dialects and Alignment Languages
Just Say No to alignment languages. Though I have tried using various human/regional languages before, we usually just revert to “everyone understands each other” except for some monsters. Even humanoids and tribesmen usually seem to have at least one available who can act as translator. Not realistic, I know.

Regions Sizes in a setting
Great summary of guidelines about sizing various realms on a fantasy map.

Touch of Pain
Another Bat creation. Nice alternative to shocking grasp. I’d make it 1st-level, personally.

Random Ruins
“No proper ocher wasteland or purple fungus forest would be complete without a smattering of bizarre monuments, relics, and ruins.” Developed for sword & planet but very usable just about anywhere.

OD&D+ Damage & Theory
I love the d6 and simplified monster attack/damage in the original. I will be adapting my LL game to something similar if I can work out a system that I like.

Fudge You
Either roll the dice or don’t roll the dice. But don’t pretend to roll the dice.

Fiend Folio
The FF seems to attract a lot of hate and I can’t really understand why. Plus, I had totally forgotten about a couple of those totally awesome full-page art pieces.

What Killed the Dinosaurs
No, it wasn’t Chuck Norris.

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  2. bat says:

    Thank you, as always, for the plug! Toning down one of my spells! WOW!

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