Explosive Runes!

Straight from the 1930s – Lizard Men city under LA
Mining engineer G. Warren Shufelt believed he had found the ruins of an ancient lizard man civilization under LA. Here’s a 1934 LA times headline: Lizard People’s Catacomb City Hunted. A lot more info on the story here.

Die-roll Dungeons
A discussion of randomly stocked dungeons, something I’ve always been a fan of. Specifically, the post deals with the Moldvay rules. I think this adventure creation system is based on the Moldvay tables, though I’m not 100% sure.

UPDATE: Repeated runnings of that random program appear to show a few oddities. Most results appear to be in line with expectations then you get something totally outlandish. Like:

3 Halflings (Lawful, AC 7, Damage weapon, Morale 7) HP: 7 3 1 XP: 15
70,000 platinum pieces


Traveller Tuesday: 1977 Edition Experience
The excellent Traveller series at The Sandbox of Doom continues with a discussion of experience and improving skills. I’ll admit that I never really envisioned it correctly, and we mostly ignored it. This thread at Citizens of the Imperium is a real eye-opener for me.

Legend (Editorial by Roger E. Moore, Dragon #144)
I had never read this. Great stuff. I’d like to note that I don’t think it would have been any lesser of a legendary incident had the paladin been defeated in the end. It might have been an even greater story, to tell the truth.

PC Events: Illusionist
I really like this series of tables for unusual events. From this list I particularly like 6. A new door has appeared in your room, invisible to all save you. Dare you enter it?

Random Chart: Quick NPC Concepts…
Three d66 for a basic visual hook to add a little flesh to NPCs.

Bow Ballistics and Scale
Analysis of longbow ranges at Delta’s D&D Hotspot. Very much worth looking at.

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  1. Yeah, I remember rolling up random stuff for a second level and getting lizardmen and a TON of treasure. Clearly this involved solid huge gold statues, clan treasures, etc. It was a surprising turn of events for me as a referee and very cool. I like being surprised.

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