Explosive Runes!

Deities & Demigods: A Christian Perspective
A good quick post on this topic, and I’ve thought the same thing for a long time. A lot of people complain that D&DG is just a “super monster manual” and I’ve always thought that was what should be expected.

“O” is For Old School: Review of The Dungeon Alphabet
A good review of The Dungeon Alphabet on Gnome Stew. It’s particularly interesting because Gnome Stew focuses almost entirely on New School games, so their take on something with roots so solidly in the Old School, and their effort to describe such things to their readership, is enlightening.

Give and take combat
Using one “to-hit” roll for both sides of a battle.

Dragon Age RPG: Dark Fantasy Roleplaying
A series of level-based boxed sets from Green Ronin Games. It’s an “all-new game system that’s both easy to learn and exciting to play,” at least according to the web site. Looks like a paper-and-pencil adaptation of a computer game, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The Essential Dungeons & Dragons Starter
Speaking of level-based boxed sets, WOTC is putting out an “introductory” version of 4th Edition in a red box. It appears to be a severely cut-down version of the game, and not just a level-limited set like the Red Box of yore. I understand it’s only levels one and two, which takes only a pitifully small number of encounters to max out compared to the amount of playing that could be fit into levels 1-3 in B/X, for instance. This strikes me as a sort of “psst, kid…first one’s free” except that it’s not even free. I realize you can’t give away boxed sets for free, but I’m having trouble seeing how this is anything but a cut-down freebie intro in a box that costs $20.Still, it’s tough not to see OSR-type influence on some of the things going on in the industry.

New Middle-Earth Roleplaying Game Coming Soon!
Interesting, though I must admit I certainly see no need for such a thing.

Narn i Hîn Húrin and D&D vs Tolkien
Speaking of Middle-Earth, Monsters & Manuals has a great post on the incomplete version of the Tale of the Children of Hurin from Unfinished Tales and how the concept and setting are more akin to D&D than the Third Age Middle-Earth of LOTR. I have long been a fan of Narn i Hîn Húrin, enjoying it more than other versions of the story, but had never really made that connection. I think it’s spot on. Go read.

The Hobbit Might Be Delayed Until Late 2012
Final Middle-Earth link.

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  1. bat says:

    Well, that got my blood boiling (the Deities and Demigods link).

    I am still glad to see you back in business.

  2. Martin Ralya says:

    It’s nice to see Phil’s review get some link love — thanks for pointing it out to your readers!

    I’m waiting for my LGS to get Dungeon Alphabet in stock so I can take a peek at it in person.

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