Explosive Runes – 01 May 2009

Perception, Senses, and Searching in Roleplaying Games
This is something I’ve been struggling with lately as I try to eliminate the basic roll to find secret doors and such.

Castle of the Mad Archmage Update
Level 5: The Deeps

Thoughts on Skills and Thieves and
More on Tasks
It’s clear that the thief class just doesn’t work for a lot of folks, but it’s also clear that a simple and good solution is tough to find. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be hundreds of proposals out there. I happen to like my own take, but I rarely see someone else’s idea that I don’t think has a least a couple of good ideas.

Called Shots!
While not written specifically for old school rules, this is an interesting read on an issue that never seems to go away. I’ve got some thoughts of my own on called shots that I’ll probably post about sooner or later.

The Battle of Jee’ait Bay
Table-top old school sea battle. With giant sharks. And pictures.

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