Exotic Eye Ring
–Tuesday Treasure

Exotic Eye Ring

This item of unknown origin gives the wearer a sort of “sixth sense” which confers a +1 AC bonus, a +1 bonus to avoid being surprised, a +1 chance to discover secret or concealed doors, and a +1 chance to see visual illusions for what they are. Loss of DEX bonus to AC due to rear attacks is avoided while wearing this item.

If the wearer closes his or her eyes, he or she can “see” through the eye on the ring. Wearers using the ring in this manner forfeit the normal advantages listed above and may suffer penalties due to the limited nature of this vision. A blinded person wearing the ring can also use this power and gaze attacks are ineffective against this form of sight.

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3 Responses to Exotic Eye Ring
–Tuesday Treasure

  1. David says:

    I like that!! Very cool.

  2. 5stonegames says:

    My kind of item! Cool Flavorful and Useful at all levels. Good Job

  3. bat says:

    Straightforward and elegant. Well done!

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