Yesterday we ran our first full-on playtest session of our Wizards & Warriors game. My son and daughter each rolled up a PC and I rolled up an NPC for myself to run. The little party set out for a little dungeon and a little adventure.

For our game, we roll 3d6 in order with an extra roll that represents starting gold but can be swapped with one of the ability scores. My daughter rolled three sixes for her strength score, which I believe is the first natural 18 rolled for any PC we’ve rolled up since my kids started playing a few years back.

She chose to create a Blue warrior. They gain bonuses when searching for secret/concealed doors and for traps, something she thinks is pretty cool. Blue characters gain a +1 bonus to their wisdom (which in our game is a combination of INT and WIS; we have only 5 ability scores). If she had chosen to be a Red warrior she would have gained a +1 STR, giving her a 19. I applaud her for deciding against maxing out her score creating the character she wanted.

The character used her skills to discover a hidden compartment in the base of a statue that contained a significant cache of treasure, so the choice was validated in game. Unfortunately, the PC later succumbed to the attack of some skeletons. As we’re in playtest mode, however, I told my daughter that she could use the character again in other playtest scenarios if she wished.

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