Drop and Give Me Twenty

I wasn’t going to do this, but decided what the heck. Our game is basic 3 book AD&D.

  1. Ability scores generation method?
    • 4d6 drop lowest, arrange as desired OR
    • 3d6 12 times, keep 6 best, arrange as desired
    • Player chooses before rolling anything
  2. How are death and dying handled?
    • 0 hp to -CON gets a save vs. death to be unconscious
    • Otherwise dead
  3. What about raising the dead?
    • As per spells or devices and VERY rare
  4. How are replacement PCs handled?
    • Depends, but usually met next time into town or on the road
  5. Initiative: individual, group, or something else?
    • Group: 1d6 per side
    • High roll wins, tie goes to the previous winner (momentum)
  6. Are there critical hits and fumbles? How do they work?
    • Not as a standard part of the combat system.
  7. Do I get any benefits for wearing a helmet?
    • Only in certain circumstances
  8. Can I hurt my friends if I fire into melee or do something similarly silly?
    • Yes, if you miss your target
  9. Will we need to run from some encounters, or will we be able to kill everything?
    • You will need to run from many encounters
  10. Level-draining monsters: yes or no?
    • Oh, yeah.
    • Lots of them
  11. Are there going to be cases where a failed save results in PC death?
    • Yes
    • Save-or-die situations will almost always be obviously dangerous
    • Except poison
  12. How strictly are encumbrance & resources tracked?
    • Moderately strict encumberance
    • Pretty strict ammunition and water
    • Very strict food and torches
  13. What’s required when my PC gains a level? Training? Do I get new spells automatically? Can it happen in the middle of an adventure, or do I have to wait for down time?
    • Standard AD&D GP expense per DMG just “vanishes” from PC’s account
    • Training is hand-waved but assumed to be ongoing
    • One random automatic new spell when a new spell level is available
    • Minimal downtime required…could be camp in the middle of an adventure
  14. What do I get experience for?
    • Money treasure (Coins, gems, jewelry, expensive art, precious metal items)
    • Combat (Enemies killed or totally defeated)
    • No XP for magic items or value of mundane items
    • Sometimes an “adventure reward” for successful completion of goal-oriented adventures, but this is never very big
  15. How are traps located? Description, dice rolling, or some combination?
    • Simple traps can be found by anyone looking
    • More advanced traps can be found x% of the time by looking
    • Some traps can only be found by skilled PCs (thieves, dwarves for stone traps, etc)
    • Thief or racial bonuses add to x% for non-skilled searchers
  16. Are retainers encouraged and how does morale work?
    • Yes, henchmen/retainers/hirelings are strongly encouraged
    • Morale/loyalty works as per AD&D rules except in exceptional cases
  17. How do I identify magic items?
    • Usually have to be tried out
    • Tasting a potion tells taster what it is
    • Identify spell can assist with items
    • Basic items (+1 sword, etc) IDed by DM after some use
    • Weird items or special powers sometimes unknown for long periods of time
  18. Can I buy magic items? Oh, come on: how about just potions?
    • No
    • Still no
  19. Can I create magic items? When and how?
    • Yes
    • Get to that point and we’ll work it out
  20. What about splitting the party?
    • Don’t prefer it for the logistical reasons, but allowed
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