Dragon Breath Compared

Was looking for something else and found this old image I cooked up five years ago for some reason. It doesn’t appear that I ever posted it, so here are the breath weapons of the five chaotic dragons overlaid for comparison on 10′ squares:

Black Dragon Acid: 60′ x 5′ Line (Gray)
Blue Dragon Lightning: 100′ x 5′ Line (Yellow)
Green Dragon Chlorine Gas: 50′ x 40′ Cloud (Green)
Red Dragon Fire: 90′ x 30′ Cone (Orange)
White Dragon Cold: 80′ x 30′ Cone (Blue)

I seem to remember that I wanted something I could plug various sizes into for breath weapon sizes of each dragon at various HD/age, but I can’t find anything more about that or remember how I intended to do it. But here are the standard dragons from the Basic rule book.

Also, don’t forget my 49 Dragons with the characteristics of each dragon type at each HD level.

Get the dragons back into the dungeons!

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