Diminutated Dwarf

So my son’s character was stuck in a room by an iron one-way door. There was a small space between the bottom of the door and the stone floor, and one of the party had a potion of diminution. They decided to give it to the dwarf in the hopes that his smaller stature would lead to a smaller shrunken stature.

He tried squeezing under the door but got stuck. Then they couldn’t get him back in. My son’s character poured oil all over and tried pushing him through, but to no avail. Suddenly the expiration of the potion dawned on everyone and they began to fear for the dwarf’s life.

Finally, my son took the cleric’s staff, rammed it against the dwarf’s banded armor, and told everyone to push.

Pop. The dwarf was levered through and released them once the potion wore off. Whatever it takes.

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  2. bat says:

    Now that is a cool story about adventuring. Quick thinking saves the day (and maybe bruises the dwarf a little).

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