Colorized ‘Known Lands’ for Labyrinth Lord

Here’s a great colorized map of the ‘Known Lands’ setting included with Labyrinth Lord:

Labyrinth Lords Known Lands - Click for bigger version

Labyrinth Lords Known Lands - Click for bigger version

I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty lukewarm (at best) about the Known Lands map in the Labyrinth Lord book. It’s very basic, and not really what I was looking for. At the same time, my main LL campaign has a “home” town but no larger setting. I’ve been playing it by ear so far, waiting to see what develops.

This colorization makes me see the whole Known Lands in a different light, and I’ve decided to consider it as the setting into which I can plop my campaign. Sure, it’s vanilla. But that’s part of the point, and I suddenly think I didn’t give it enough consideration.

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