Collar of the Cat
— Tuesday Treasure

The cat rubbed up against Arthena’s leg, purring. She reached down to stroke its head.

“That’s a very nice collar, kitty,” she said, noticing the golden buckle on the fine leather. Peering closer, she noticed intricate designs worked in the leather. They appeared to be trimmed with gold. She bent closer for a better look.

“I, um, wouldn’t do that,” said Mortigan. The mage had returned from the back room with a heavy tome. “Just take my word for it,” he added, seeing her questioning look.

“Why?’ Arthena asked. “Is there something special about it?”

“Why don’t you let her take it off?” the cat asked Mortigan, the question dripping with sarcasm. “And we’ll show her just how special it is…”

Collar of the Cat

Any creature who has this fine leather collar fixed around its neck is instantly transformed into a normal-sized house cat if it fails its saving throw. The feline is bound to serve the person who affixed the collar until it is removed.

If the creature is intelligent, it gains the ability to speak to its master in the common tongue. Though not an effective fighter when a cat, the creature may possibly retain some of the special abilities it possessed before being collared.

Though longing to be freed, the creature must serve its master faithfully and to the best of its abilities. At the same time, it will not follow orders which would bring undue harm to itself.

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5 Responses to Collar of the Cat
— Tuesday Treasure

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Oh, now I am Curious…


  2. bat says:

    Egads. That could be horrifying. I will have to remember from now on to avoid wearing collars, just in case.

  3. bulette says:

    Excellent! My favorite type of magic item, something from our “real” life to inspire our game, and vice versa.

  4. bulette says:

    hey, wait a second now. i post a picture of a cat possibly casting a spell and next thing you know, this magic item appears..? ok ok, just a coincidence! 😉

    • Kilgore says:

      Haha! Not this time, though. I wrote this up Monday and scheduled it for Tuesday.

      It’s actually inspired by a character in the book SABRIEL by Garth Nix which I’m listening to on audiobook. (Anyone who has read more than half of the first book no doubt realizes that my item is probably not anything like what’s in the book. I have no idea how that thing works or what the whole story is in the book. This is just a riff off of that.)

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