Collapsible Shield
–Tuesday Treasure

“Look!” shouted the brigand leader, laughing. “The mighty warrior has brought his sword and his…umbrella!”

Collapsible Shield

This item is not magical, though its origin is clearly not of this world. It appears to be an umbrella or parasol of some sort, oftentimes painted in garish colors. Its material is as thin and flexible as linen but as strong as steel, and when opened is impervious to damage. A hinge on the handle allows it to be folded back and used as a normal medium shield. Opening or closing the device takes one round. It weighs 2 pounds.

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3 Responses to Collapsible Shield
–Tuesday Treasure

  1. bat says:

    Very, very clever item. I think that one of the most amazing aspects of these blogs is the sheer amount of ideas generated. This is such a genius device and I wish I had thought of such a thing.

  2. bat says:

    I know this isn’t a competition, but if it was, I would be scared.

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