Cleric Spell Progression — UPDATE

A while back I wrote about how I dislike the B/X spell progression for clerics. However, though I remain unconvinced that it really makes sense, I have decided that this is yet another thing that is not worth deviating from by-the-book RAW. So my KAOSE oldschool game will stick to the rules. Third AND fourth level spells at 6th level.

Despite my first-ever D&D character in 1982 being a cleric, I am entering something like year 37 of non-stop aggravation over the way the class is written. You’d think I’d eventually get over it, wouldn’t you?

Meanwhile, I’m currently running a cleric-centric campaign and these overpowered jackwagons with too-low XP requirements are running around all over the place. And my son’s character is getting close to 6th level, which is when the spell progression shenanigans begin.

It’s a good thing it’s some of the best D&D I’ve played in decades. Otherwise I’d have second thoughts about it.

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