Christmas is Canceled

Or at least postponed: Advanced Edition Companion Delayed until January

This publication sounds like it’s going to put most of the 1e-era chracters, spells, and monsters into the Labyrinth Lord game. Of course, we’ll have to see what the final product looks like. But I suspect that it’s going to come real close to re-creating the game as I played it in the 1980s. It sounds like a lot of gamers took a similar approach, which was basically using 1e races, classes, equipment, spells, magic items, and monsters while ditching a lot of the “advanced” rules and ending up with a rule set which closely resembled the 1981 B/X version of the game.

Although at first I wasn’t terribly excited about Advanced Edition Characters (since renamed to Advanced Edition Companion), I’ve changed my mind. Part of this has to do with my players feeling that the B/X/LL characters are too limited, but a lot of it is due to the fact that I’ve found myself wanting to use 1e magic items and monsters in our LL game.

I’m very much looking forward to checking this out, but I’m getting impatient. Since my gaming time these days is really limited, though, I guess I’ll manage.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I saw your headline and was expecting that delightful picture of Santa’s grave all of my coworkers forward to me every December.

    I am interested in this, as AD&D is presently my game of choice. More specifically, I’m interested in how this differs from OSRIC. I have enough on my plate that any delay is sort of a blessing in disguise for me.

  2. I was definitely one of those players who ran a mish-mash B/X/AD&D. But I wonder: what prevents you from doing the same with LL that we used to with the Basic red book and the PHB/MM? (Heck, that’s pretty much what I’m doing for my family games these days – just without the PHB classes/races.)

    • Kilgore says:

      what prevents you from doing the same with LL that we used to with the Basic red book and the PHB/MM?

      Nothing, really. I’ve just made an arbitrary decision to try to stay more “by the book” with LL and the AEC would allow me to do that while having access to lots of the 1e stuff. I’d rather not play LL with a PH, MM, and DMG at the table. Though that’s sort of what I currently do.

      Basically, I’m counting on the Advanced Edition Companion to be even better than sliced bread. It needs to be the holy grail of gaming material. That’s all.

  3. OMG! This was no accident. Look in the smoke – do you see what I see?

  4. bat says:

    I have been using my old 1E Monster Manual all along, but I am curious about the AEC classes and a little saddened that the Bard wasn’t included. One of my favorite classes to play was a Bard in the olden days.

  5. JB says:

    Mm-mm-mm…while I wasn’t plan on getting the Advance Edition Companion (my 3+ copies of LL have all been purchased to spread the love of B/X D&D, not retros per se), I can’t say I’m totally unhappy with the delay; the idea of adding AD&D sub-classes to the LL mix just seems…well, kind of a waste.

    I mean if I wanted to play a bard or an assassin, for example, them I’d play AD&D. Period. I mean…isn’t that THEIR game. And then, of course, I could toss out the extraneous AD&D rules that are less than useful (as I did as a child).

    I’m playing B/X because I see it as a better system. MY “companion set” doesn’t try to turn it into AD&D. But, hey, that’s just me…maybe I need to take my opinions back to my own blog.
    ; )

    As for the flaming pyre: “Yes, Virginia, there WAS a Santa…”

    • Kilgore says:

      I mean if I wanted to play a bard or an assassin, for example, them I’d play AD&D. Period.

      That was my opinion for quite a while after hearing about this project. But I’ve changed my tune.

      To get to the game that I want to play, which not coincidentally is very similar to the game I played when I started, I’d have to either:

      A) Play B/X/LL and add on AD&D races, classes, magic items, spells, and monsters.


      B) Play AD&D and ditch 80% of the written rules and modify much of the remaining 20% to closely resemble B/X/LL.

      Neither of these are ideal, in my mind. The Advanced Edition Companion, hopefully, will make option ‘A’ an easy install.

      I never played B/X back in the day. Looking at things now, I wish I had. Someone listening to us play would have had trouble telling whether we were playing AD&D or B/X if they only considered they “way” we played and how we ruled things.

      If legal PDFs of B/X had been available, I’d be playing B/X right now instead of LL. I’ve since bought B/X on eBay, but I don’t feel like requiring others to do the same just so they can play. And I like the organization of LL over the two books of B/X.

      • JB says:

        Far be it from me telling folks how they “should” play. Heck, I might end up picking up the AED just to support the good folks over at Goblinoid.
        : )

  6. bat says:

    I wouldn’t tell anyone how to play or what is a better way to do it, JB. I am awaiting the Advanced Edition Companion to use for additions and add-ons to my Labyrinth Lord game. Back in the day our game was a mix of B/X and 1E and now I am getting most of that in one package, to work seamlessly together. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with running Labyrinth Lord as is.

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