Chopping up a PHB

So as our AD&D game gets going, I’ve decided that I would like to have an electronic and searchable version of the rules available for use as needed. Now, I won’t try to pretend that I’ve never done an internet search to find less-than-legal versions of the books, but I’ve not been at all impressed with the quality. Even worse, from what I’ve gathered, the crappy PDFs I’ve dismissed as, well, crappy PDFs are, in fact, the PDFs that were offered for sale by Wizards. If I’d paid money for those, I would have been less than thrilled.

Anyway, I’ve been grabbing a few copies of the 1e AD&D books off of eBay, and I’ve now got a total of four playable Players Handbooks. One of the sellers I bought from had another chewed-up copy which I scored for next-to-nothing, so I nabbed that as well and immediately chopped the cover and lopped off the binding. The pages are in good shape and I’m now involved with scanning it in for my own use.

At some point I’ll be doing the same with cheap copies of the MM and DMG.

I cringed at cutting up one of the finite number of PHBs left, but the cover was totally shot and this will come in quite handy. It was an eighth printing.

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