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My 1986 Old School Renaissance

I think it started in 1986 when I read part of The Dungeon Master by William Dear in high school. His account of rolling up a D&D character and playing his first session during his 1979 investigation into the disappearance … Continue reading

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The Missing Box

At one point during a series of moves in 1993-1996, I believe a box filled with wargames and RPG materials was lost. I keep holding out hope that it will turn up at some point, but it’s probably never going … Continue reading

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A Player’s Handbook, Three Chords, and the Truth

I’ve often mused that I wish I had been introduced to D&D with the 1981 Moldvay Basic set. There are a lot of reasons to like the B/X version of the game, but one of them I’ve not considered before … Continue reading

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‘Your Waterskin, or Your Life’

I’ve been trying to decide what to do as a weekly feature on Wednesday, and I think I’m going to toss up some recollections of games from my past. These are going to be strictly reminisces, with little (or no) … Continue reading

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