Bone Weapons
–Tuesday Treasures

Here are some quick samples of the sort of thing I wish I did more often:

+2 Femur

This 18″ leg bone strikes as a mace +2 and does double damage vs. undead skeletons.

Ogre Femur of Pounding

This 3′ long, 12 pound leg bone is a two-handed weapon that delivers 1d10 damage. On a natural to-hit roll of 20 it has a 2-in-6 chance of stunning the target for 2 rounds.

Skull, Throwing

This human-sized skull can be hurled (range as per oil flask) for 1d6 damage per hit. It automatically returns to the hand of its owner in 1 round (i.e., it can be hurled every other round.) It is possible to intercept the skull by capturing it with a net or similar tactics.

Rib Cage Shield

This item is fashioned out of the front half of a human-sized rib cage. It serves as a +1 medium shield and can cast a hold person (as per cleric spell) once per day on one target. The bearer of this shield suffers a -2 penalty to charisma in regards to lawful, good, or neutral characters but gains a +2 bonus to charisma in regards to chaotic or evil characters.

Fibula Staff

This huge leg bone (possibly from a giant?) acts as a +1 staff and gives lawful or good clerics a +2 bonus when turning undead. Chaotic or evil clerics do not get a bonus, but results of ‘T’ or ‘D’ on the turning table give the cleric control of the affected undead for 1 hour or 6 hours, respectively.

Ettin Skull Helmet

This device is fashioned out of one of the skulls of the giant two-headed humanoid minus the jaw. When worn as a helmet (using the eye sockets as eye holes), it provides a +1 bonus to armor class, strength, and all saving throws. Not usable by paladins or lawful clerics.

Donkey Jawbone +1

This toothed weapon delivers damage as per a short sword +1 except in the hands of an assassin-classed character, where it acts as a scimitar +1.

Clutching Hand

This is a skeletal human-sized hand. When hurled at an opponent (successful to-hit required, range as a dagger) it clamps its fingers around the target’s throat, doing 1d6 points of constriction damage per round. Beginning on the second round, a target may dislodge the clutching hand by making a successful save vs. death.

Leg Hammer

This human-sized skeletal leg with attached foot strikes for 1d8 damage when wielded as a two-handed weapon. If maximum damage is rolled, the target must save vs. wands or suffer an additional 1d8 damage from an extra “kick” delivered by the leg.

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3 Responses to Bone Weapons
–Tuesday Treasures

  1. bat says:

    Awesome weapons for lizardfolk, neanderthals, troglodytes and apemen.

    Just when the players are confident that they can easily defeat the dumb savages…BANG +2 headshot!

  2. Timeshadows says:

    Very nice. 🙂

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