Blue Elves

The Five Color Game we’ve been working on for a few months is coming along (slowly) and, since player characters are all human, I’ve decided to spice things up on the demi-human front. Most of the races are going to be nudged away from the “character” side of the scale and much closer to the “monster” side. Dwarves won’t just be short humans with beards and dour attitudes, and halflings won’t be even shorter humans with jovial attitudes and a love for food.

Elves, especially, won’t look or act at all like either the fairy-inspired originals or the Tolkien-descended types that followed. While still demi-human, the emphasis will be on the “demi.” There will also be elves of different colors, and I’m thinking that their skin will reflect their basic alignment.

In fact, this pretty much sums up what I’m going for with the blue elves:

tsu tey from avatar

Blue Elf?

Let’s just say that random encounters with elves won’t usually end with singing ancient songs or a week spent healing in Rivendell.

Height-wise, I figure they’ll be roughly human-sized or a little shorter. I’m not sure about the tail, though. I might keep it just to underscore their non-human-ness.

Green elves will probably be quite similar, maybe a little less warlike and a little more druidy. Will there be elves of all five colors? Who knows, but I figure that most elves will strongly deny the existence of any black elves at all.

I think we’ll probably do something similar with the humanoid races, as well, though the differences between our color-ized versions and those in the original game won’t be nearly so great as orcs, goblins, gnolls, and the like are monsters already and players are used to seeing them as such.

What about dwarves? Does anyone have any suggestions for us to rip off use for inspiration for the short folk?

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